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Bugs just don’t only hide in beds they can be easily spread under carpets, in furniture, drapes, closet, etc. Bugs can be visible with naked eyes but to remove them and hidden ones, it important to contact professionals for Bug control.

With 90 years of experience, Cooks is providing its services in some parts of America. Cooks provide their professionals with the finest training in the industry. So, if you will hire us, we will ensure you the best, effective and affordable services. 

Know More About Cooks Pest Control:

Cooks Pest Control was founded by John L. Cook in 1928 as “North Alabama Termite Control”. Later on, it was named as Cooks Pest Control. Cooks has been providing its services from the past four generations and became the eighth largest pest control company of America’s. 

Cooks has expanded its business with 36 offices in 6 states of America which are Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Cooks has also won the President’s Pinnacle Award for National Pest Management Association in 2001. Cooks provide their technicians with comprehensive computer-based, classroom, and field training. We also train our Entomologists experts in the identification, habits, and control of more than 50 pests.  

Bug Control Task –

Our work is not only to eliminate bugs from your property but it is also to protect your structure and family from the pests in the future also. Bugs need more attention as termites, they need to be completely removed, as they can again spread easily. Just like bugs we also provide other pest services as mentioned below: 

  1. Ants treatment
  2. All pest treatment
  3. Brown Recluse Spiders
  4. Carpenters bee
  5. Flea Treatment

Here is our four-step proven method for Bug control: 

1.  Inspection – First we inspect the property of our customers to check the condition of the infestation of bugs. According to which we recommend the treatment plans. 

2. Treatment – Our second step is the treatment of all the infestation points to control them. We use the best quality products for the treatment.

3. Perimeter Protection – After that, we put the barries using exterior baits in the perimeter for the protection of the structure. 

4. Monitoring & Prevention – The last step is the monitoring of the treatment. Our professional will be monitoring your property’s barrier so that the same problem does not arise in the future. 

Cooks Pest Control provides you 100% guarantee for the effective result. In case you are not happy or satisfied within one week, we will provide you the nest service for free. Our goal is to provide the best quality service and a safe and rewarding workplace for our employees.