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Termites can damage your expensive woods, furniture and can make holes in drywall. There are different kinds of species of termites that can be found in your house or business. So in order to remove them, you need to hire professionals. At Cooks Pest & Termite Control Service you will get the best and convenient service. 

With more than 90 years of experience and with our well-trained technicians, we are entrusted in providing quality service. Cooks Pest & Termite operators are always there to serve you the best.

Introduction of Cooks Pest Control

Cooks Pest Control was founded by John L. Cook in 1928. It was started as “North Alabama Termite Control” after that named as Cooks Pest Control. Cooks have been providing its services and remaining as one of the leading industry in America from 9 decades.

Our goal is to provide the excelled quality of service and to maintain a safe and rewarding workplace for our employees.  

To provide the top quality service, Cooks give the best computer-based and practical training to their employees. Cooks also have its own museum named as Cook Museum of Natural Science. The museum helping students who have an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. 

Services of Cooks Pest & Termite Control

Cooks is the 8th largest pest control center in America. That’s why to maintain our reputation and to keep our relations strong with our customers we provide the best assistance. Our certified and professional technicians have provided over a million services with 100% effective results.

Cooks Pest & Termites Control services include the given below methods: 

  1. We provide an indoor and outdoor free inspection of the property. In order to analyze the infestation of termites, we need to do the check infected areas. 
  2. After the inspection, we create a year- treatment plan based on the specific needs of the house or family. We treat the termites with the best quality and EPA’s approved eco-friendly pesticides. So that they will not cause harm to the environment and your family.  
  3. After the treatment, the protection barriers are placed to protect the house or business from getting infected again. 
  4. In last the treatment is monitored by our experts so that it does not arise the same problem in the future.  

Types of Treatments

Mostly, Cooks deals with three species of termites that are Drywood termites, Eastern subterranean, and Formosan subterranean termites. Other than liquid chemical treatments, we use eco-friendly products access with the Sentricon. A house or a building is appealing to various kinds of pests like termites insects, spiders, rodents, etc. To remove them we need to use the best and effective measures. We ensure the safety and protection of your family from the pests. You can contact our service operators and can visit our website to schedule a free inspection of your property. 

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