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Every year termites provide the damage of billions of dollars in America. It’s not possible to remove them from homemade solutions. It requires to be early detected by the professionals to get rid of them. On hiring Cooks Pest control, we will provide you convenient and reliable services to make your property pest-free.

Cooks Pest Control provides specialized training to the technician and inspectors to provide quality service. On contacting us, we will schedule an inspection for free as suitable to you. To eliminate termites from your property always hire an expert Terminator exterminator. Cooks Pest control helpdesk is always available to help you with your pest problems. 

Why Contact Termite Exterminator Cooks Pest Control?

Cooks Pest Control is entrusted to provide its services for more than 90 years. It was founded by John L. Cook in 1928 in Alabama. Our four-generation expertise and outstanding customer service have made us leading for 9 decades. 

Our employees receive computer-based and specialized training and we also provide them monthly training. Our mission is to provide excellent services to customers. Technicians receive the special Termite training of 2 weeks with the real-life scenario. Termites build their colonies in the woods like in your doors, furniture windows, etc. They need to inspected properly to get rid of them. Our services are open to residential, commercial, and constitutional areas. You can easily contact our outstanding operational customer services. 

Termite Exterminator Services 

You might be confused that how the treatment is treated if you are experiencing this for the first. We ensure our customers with 100% effective and affordable services. Here are the methods, how we treat termites:

  1. The very first step is the inspection of the property to check the infestation of termites. Cooks will schedule the free inspection according to your suitable date and time. 
  2. After that, as per the inspection the treatment plan is created specifically to your property. Based on which the termites are treated. Cooks Pest Control believes in the safety of the environment and your family. That’s why we use eco-friendly products to treat them. 
  3. Then, the barriers are installed in the perimeter of your property for the protections. These barriers help in not entering them again at your house. 
  4. The last step is monitoring so that the same problem does not arise again. 

Cooks ensure that if the same problem arises again you during the course, we will provide you the next service for free. 

We mostly encounter these three species of termites which are Drywood, Eastern subterranean, and Formosan subterranean. The treatment of termites differs with the species. It is not an easy work to remove all termites if you are not seeking help with professionals. We are entrusted and our reputation is meant for providing the best quality services for years. You can reach our team anytime for your help as we are here to make your place and family pest-free.